Friday, December 28, 2012

Sean Hannity Has Done More Damage to the Conservative Movement than Nancy Pelosi

I know this isn’t directly related to Virginia politics, but as a conservative I have long been baffled by the success of radio talk show host Sean Hannity. I bet he is a nice fellow, but having listened to him for nearly ten years, I have concluded that he is not very bright, doesn’t seem to understand conservatism, gives lousy political advice, and at times seems detached from reality.

I have noticed recently, that Hannity keeps denouncing ‘Establishment Republicans’, and continues his claim that he is a Reagan conservative. I find this odd coming from a guy who was George W. Bush's biggest backer! When Bush jacked up spending, and engaged in a neocon dream of overthrowing a government in the middle east, Hannity led the cheers. In fact on radio, if you listened very closely you could hear the rustle of Hannity’s pom poms..

Engaging in a land war to overthrow a government in the Arab world is something that Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and Ronald Reagan never would have supported. But Hannity has no conservative principles, Bush was a Republican so Hannity took the same position. Had Al Gore won in 2000, and decided on the same course Hannity would have opposed the war.

Ironically, one of the few times that Hannity showed some gumption and opposed W was over immigration reform. I say ironically because this is one of the few smart things W attempted to do. While I DON'T SUPPORT AMNESTY, W may have figured let’s get a deal on immigration now while Republicans control the White House. In hindsight I think that was the smart thing to do. And if a deal had been struck Republicans would certainly be doing better with Hispanic voters. In the wake of such reform no doubt we would have a President Romney today. Hey Sean you picked a fine time to oppose Bush!

My message to all conservatives, especially young conservatives, turn off Hannity and read the works of Edmund Burke, William F. Buckley and Russell Kirk. Three hours a day is a terrible thing to waste.

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