Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Corey Stewart Reiterates His support for Jackson, Takes Another Shot at Snyder

Corey Stewart sent out this press release to reiterate his support for E.W. Jackson, but he couldn't help taking a shot at Pete Snyder along the way.

"Why I Endorsed E.W. Jackson

PRINCE WILLIAM, VA- The convention is over. E.W. Jackson has won the nomination fair and square. There are some who are attempting to cast a pall over his victory and cannot accept that, prior to the fourth ballot, I cast my support for E.W., grabbing his hand and storming the convention floor as a united team.

Why did I endorse E.W.? Because he is a good and honorable man. Because he did not distribute false flyers like this one and this one.

There are some who cannot accept the result of the convention and are working behind the scenes attempting to pressure E.W. into surrendering his nomination, which he won fairly on Saturday. Hang in there E.W. We, the People, are behind you. Do not back down!"

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