Sunday, May 19, 2013

E.W. Jackson - A Drag on The Ticket?

Yesterday afternoon at the Coliseum I was talking to a friend of mine, a long time Fairfax GOP activist, about how to vote on the next ballot for Lt. Governor. By the second ballot my candidate Steve Martin was gone, and my least favorite candidate Mrs. Tom Davis was out. Thank goodness for that. My friend said he was going to vote for Jackson because he said, "Jackson would destroy the Democrat candidate in a debate." Sounds good, too bad nobody watches Lt. Gubernatorial debates. If only they did..

I respect Jackson's intellect, his conservatism, his passion, I will happily vote for him in November, and I think he will make a great Lt. Governor. However, from a purely political perspective I think Jackson will be a net minus to the ticket. He will become the focus, and not in a good way, of the Democrats and the press. His past statements will make him a huge target for the Democrats and the Washington Post. It will be rather easy for them to portray Jackson as an extremist, and by extension everyone else on the GOP ticket.

My guess is the Post will spend most of its ink talking about Jackson's statements as a minister, and very little about Cuccinelli's plans to cut taxes for working Virginians because of course they will be too busy parsing some of Jackson's past sermons.

My other concern is that Jackson will not be able to raise the type of money he is going to need to raise in order to combat the Democrats lies, and Washington Post front page stories.

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