Monday, May 6, 2013

Republican State Party Chairman Pat Mullins Comments on the McAulliffe Campaign Kickoff

The following is a release from GOP Chairman Pat Mullins:

"After growing up in Syracuse, working as the Chairman of the Democrat Party and toying with gubernatorial bids in Florida and New York, Terry McAuliffe is trying once again to be Governor of Virginia.

"While we know McAuliffe can't name a single position in the governor's cabinet and has bragged about not knowing how a bill becomes a law, McAuliffe has proven that he can leverage his political connections into a quick buck.

"As McAuliffe embarks onto the campaign trail, he'll need to release his full tax record, explain why he put his electric car company in Mississippi instead of Virginia and why he's attempting to use Franklin Pellets to shore up his business credentials when it fact the company has yet to even break ground."

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