Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Washington Post is Preparing a Phony Poll to Help the Sinking McAulliffe Campaign?

The Washington Post is apparently working on a phony poll in an effort to help the already disastrous McAulliffe campaign. At least that is the view of Cuccinelli staffer David Rexrode. The following is an account by David Rexode.

"Last night, while I was grabbing dinner with my wife and kids, my home phone rang. Like many of you, I've been receiving daily calls from the Lt. Governor and Attorney General campaigns, and expected another survey.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Instead, it was The Washington Post calling to conduct a survey about Virginia's upcoming gubernatorial race.

Normally, a poll starts off by asking if anyone in the household works for a campaign or news organization, but they didn't ask, so I answered the survey.

They asked some of the standard poll questions like approval of President Barack Obama, how is the national economy doing, how is the state economy doing, what is my top issue, etc.

They started asking questions about what each candidate stands for and whether or not I was satisfied with my choice of candidates, and even tossed in a 3-way ballot test question.

They asked about the sequester, if anyone in my family had been affected by it and how gun control would impact my vote.

But then, they starting asking about gifts, disclosures, and if I had been paying attention to recent news reports about this issue.

This is the point in the call where it became pretty clear what The Washington Post's agenda was with this poll.

Over the past few months, The Washington Post has launched numerous misleading and false editorials attacking Ken Cuccinelli.

They are basically taking the Democrats talking points and turning them into editorials.

This poll is nothing more than The Washington Post's next attempt to attack Ken and prop up Terry McAuliffe.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry's failures as Chairman of Greentech.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry's company, Greentech, and its failure to pay property taxes that are used to fund local schools.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry's false claim of having created 100,000 jobs.

I didn't hear any questions about Greentech's parent company being incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, a tax shelter country.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry's refusal to release his tax returns despite The Washington Post's repeated attacks on Mitt Romney on the exact same issue.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry falsely blaming the Commonwealth for not bidding on his company, or Terry’s shameless attempt to deny that he did.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry's inability to name a single cabinet secretary.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry grabbing fistfuls of cash from union bosses who want to see Virginia's right-to-work laws weakened.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry's plan of running for Governor in Florida or New York, before settling on Virginia.

I didn't hear any questions about Terry's lifetime of being a Washington insider who used his political connections to enrich himself.

Friends, The Washington Post is likely going to publish this poll this weekend and they are going to try and use it to attack Ken and promote Terry."

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