Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Few Questions for Terry

Terry McAuliffe claims to be a businessman, ok, well here are some questions about his 'Green' auto company.

1) Why was GreenTech delinquent on their taxes in Mississippi?

2) Why is GreenTech's parent company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands? Was it a tax avoidance strategy, or was there some other reason?

3) At the time of your secretive resignation, how many cars had GreenTech produced and how many jobs had they created? Will GreenTech produce 10,000 cars and employ nearly 1,000 workers this year as you predicted?

4) Just who has invested in GreenTech? And how many of these EB-5 visas have been granted?

5) Kaine Administration officials were afraid your team was selling visas. How much money have you personally made from GreenTech?

6) When you said that GreenTech was successful, what was the specific metric you used to justify it?

7) Are the cars that start buzzing around the parking lot when TV cameras show up new cars, or just the same eight that we've seen time and time again?

If he answers these questions I will post the answers.

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