Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dick Black's Statement About Immigration Reform

The following release is from state senator Dick Black:

“The U.S. Senate's so-called "immigration reform bill" is a complete sham. America must seal its borders. This bill keeps them open forever.

As long as I can remember, Americans have begged their government to close the border. Yet border control law was shot through with waivers and exceptions. That allowed the federal government to leave our borders practically unprotected.

The "gang of eight" drafted a mammoth piece of legislation designed to confuse the public once again. Its border control provisions are figments of the imagination. The bill is full of caveats to ensure that no effective border controls will ever be put in place.

Millions of Americans are desperately seeking work. But big business wants American wages driven down to levels now seen in impoverished Mexico, India, and China. They want open borders to drive down wages.

The U.S. Senate shows no concern for American workers and families. The Republican establishment is particularly disappointing. Senator Rubio's staff has dismissed American-born workers as lazy; Jeb Bush has made odd comments praising immigrants' fertility and suggesting they love their families more than Americans do. They scarcely conceal their disdain for American-born workers.

The twelve hundred-page immigration bill crafted by the "gang of eight" should be replaced by a ten-page bill mandating absolute border security --- no exceptions and no waiver authority. America's southern border has collapsed. That threatens the stability and future existence of the Nation. We don't need "comprehensive reform." We need total border control, and we need it now."

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