Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Constitution Day!

The following is a release from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli:

"Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Today is Constitution Day – a day to reflect upon and celebrate our first principles, which make America the greatest nation on earth.

Constitution Day is an important day for all Americans, but especially for Virginians like us. Virginians were instrumental in formulating our first principles, and founding fathers George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Mason all called Virginia home. For a short time, Richmond even served as the capital of our newly independent states.

We celebrate Constitution Day every year on September 17th, to commemorate the day in 1787 when the Constitutional Convention signed the greatest document in history.

Over the course of the 226 years since our Constitution was signed, Americans have fought and died to defend our freedom and our founding document.

Sadly, many in power – especially in Washington – are losing sight of our first principles and our Constitution, and in the process, are trampling on the liberty of Americans like you and me.

In the last six months alone, the Internal Revenue Service was exposed for targeting conservative groups and a whistleblower revealed that the National Security Agency was compiling astonishing amounts of private information on all American citizens. We have a burdensome healthcare law that provides exceptions and loopholes for big business, big government, and soon maybe big labor too, but cripples regular American families, workers, and small businesses.

President George Washington said of the newly ratified Constitution, “Its only keepers, the people.” It is the duty of every individual citizen – citizens like you and I, David, to defend our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees each of us.

As Governor, I will fight to protect and defend our Constitution - for all Virginians, and all Americans. Will you join me in this fight?

I've spent my entire life fighting for Virginia. I was the first Attorney General in the nation to sue to stop Obamacare. I joined with the Democrat-controlled Fairfax Board of Supervisors and stood up to the EPA when they tried to treat rainwater like a pollutant. I led an eight-year fight to secure Virginia's private property rights in our state constitution. I fought the Office of Surface Mining (ever heard of it?) from attempting to bypass Virginia's government, and directly shut down coalmines in Southwest Virginia.

If elected, I will continue to fight for Virginia every single day. But to make that happen, I'm going to need you to fight for me these next seven weeks.

I know that together, we can stand up for our first principles and ensure that more Virginians have the opportunity to pursue their version of the American Dream."

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