Friday, September 20, 2013

McAuliffe's Campaign Continues Downward Spiral

Even the Washington Post has noticed that the McAuliffe campaign is not doing well. After Cuccinelli received the NVTC’s TechPAC endorsement earlier this week, an endorsement the Dems thought they had in the bag, some of McAuliffe's top supporters tried to intimidate the board to reverse their decision, but Cuccinelli's "serious," "precise," and "detail oriented" approach won them over. McAuliffe may have blown the endorsement when he told one member that as Governor he would not read the Bills he signs, proudly boasting, "I’m going to hire people to read them for me."

When questioned by reporters yesterday afternoon about what was obviously a highly orchestrated effort by his campaign, Terry pleaded ignorance - stating that he knew nothing about efforts to undermine TechPAC’s endorsement decision. In the next breath, he then preceded to back off of his own campaign pledge that he would effectively shut down the government over Medicaid. As everybody knows Medicaid is going broke, but, Terry is demanding we expand the program!

Terry McAuliffe is simply not a serious candidate. He has never served the state of Virginia, knows nothing about the state. He is unprepared to be Governor, even unprepared to be a candidate for Governor. His campaign strategy is nothing more than one long negative and false attack against Ken Cuccinelli.

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