Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Closing the Gap?

The Following post is from my friend State Senator Richard H. Black:

"Since the last Quinnipiac poll, Attorney General Cuccinelli has proven that he continues to be "a great closer" by reducing the gap by 13 points, putting him just 4 points behind his opponent, reports the Washington Times. While the libertarian candidate is polling at 9%, historically only about 3% of people will actually cast their vote for the third party candidate. It's widely expected that the remainder of that 9% will break for Cuccinelli. Momentum is vital as we approach election day, and it is clear that Cuccinelli's campaign has mounted a strong offensive.

It was widely believed that the response to the government shutdown would hurt our Republican races here in Virginia, but as a disastrous Obamacare continues to roll out, Republican predictions have proven correct.

McAuliffe has promised to make the expansion of Obamacare in Virginia a priority. Do we really want to further expand a federal program that has become one of the worst train wrecks in history? We can't afford to pay for the state government that McAuliffe would put in place. Vote for the man who has fought Obamacare from the beginning, taking the issue all the way to the Supreme Court. Vote for Ken Cuccinelli."

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