Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Important Obenshain events Wednesday evening!

The following post is from my friend Mike Thompson Sr.:

"Mark Obenshain can win this election but he needs our help for the final push.
Two key events are coming up tomorrow evening, back to back, and if you can get to them, please do so.

At 5:30 there is a free event to help our Republican Indian friends celebrate their special holiday, Diwali. Mark Obenshain will be the guest of honor at this event along with other key Republican leaders like Tom Davis and Barbara Comstock. See the details at the Fairfax County GOP's website here. It is the green invitation.

At 7:00 there is a special fundraising event for Mark at the home of Congressman Tom Davis and Jeannemarie Davis, 2213 Aryness Drive, Vienna, VA. Former US Senator John Warner is the Guest of Honor and key business leaders such as Dwight Shar and Milt Peterson are on the Host Committee. Mark has put together with this event the "winning coalition" that has proven so successful in the past here in Northern Virginia. Please come out and show your support. Tickets are only $150 and you can sign up by sending your name to Rob Nelson at rob.nelson@mindspring.com.

Please attend these two events if you can do so. Showing up on Wednesday for the two events with Mark Obenshain will show that we plan to win this race. Your support for Mark tomorrow evening at one or both of these events will be deeply appreciated.”

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