Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Close but no Cigar

A popular joke in the 1990's went something like this, when Gennifer Flowers was asked if her relationship with Bill Clinton was similar to Monica Lewinsky's relationship to Clinton she is reported to have said, "close but no cigar."

The polls all said McAuliffe would win big, but it was a close one. Makes you wonder if a few more Republicans came out for Ken he might have won.

But, I will say kudos to Ken for running an honorable race! McAuliffe out spent him 10 to 1 in the last month. Manufactured every lie imaginable. In addition the media wrote Ken off, numerous Republicans bad mouthed him. The pollsters and pundits said he would lose by 12 points, yet Ken almost won. Of course close doesn't count for much, but Ken should be proud of the way he conducted himself. A true Virginia Gentleman.

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