Monday, November 4, 2013

Cuccinelli for Governor!

If later today voters elect Terry McAuliffe, he will be without a doubt the least qualified person ever elected Governor of the Commonwealth. He has never served the state of Virginia, and based on his statements and answers to questions knows very little about the state. He made his name in the 1990's as the Clinton's fundraiser. Well, bid deal. How does that make someone Governor material?

On the other hand Ken Cuccinelli has a long record of serving Virginia. He served as a state senator from Fairfax from 2002 to 2010. Ken served on the Courts of Justice Committee, Transportation Committee, Local Government Committee, Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee, and the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee.

As a state senator, Ken led the fight to defend constitutional rights, stop tax increases, protect life and families, and keep Virginia a low-regulation and pro-free market state.

In 2009 Ken was elected Attorney General. Ken used his power to fight human trafficking, child pornography, he fought to protect consumers, and fought to protect Virginians from the disaster of Obamacare.

Terry McAuliffe's ideology is based on higher taxes, more regulations, more government spending. In short, Terry wants Virginia to be more like Maryland.

Let's not turn Virginia into Maryland, vote today for my friend, and former classmate at Longfellow middle school - Ken Cuccinelli!

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