Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Geddes Urges May to Step Aside

The following is a letter from Gerald R. Geddes:

“Dear Mr. May,
I’m running for Congress in Virginia’s 11th Congressional district against Gerry Connolly. My expertise is in taxation and I believe my knowledge is desperately needed on Capitol Hill, but for me to have an impact I must let others, expert in political power take the credit.

I am new to politics and already I’ve had to take a few knives out of my back. Politics can be a nasty spiteful business. Who could have imagined the audacity of an administration setting up traffic cones to prevent heroic WW II veterans from trying to see their Memorial before they meet their maker?

The world will little note, nor long remember me, but you deserved better. I am not an inventor; you have 21 patents at last count. I liked what the Loudoun Times Mirror said about you when they awarded you their man of the year in 2012:
“A gentleman. Curious. Brilliant. Kind and giving. These are words used to describe May by those who know him well. An admired father, grandfather and husband, model public servant and ingenious businessman.”

You or John Whitbeck could defeat the ethically challenged Jennifer Wexton who equates Tea Party patriots with murderers and rapists. But unfortunately, with both of you in the race Wexton has a chance.

You might think it doesn’t matter because McAuliffe will be stymied by our super majority in the House of Delegates but you’re missing the point.
With a majority in both houses we force McAuliffe to veto sensible legislation. We diminish the Democrat power in Virginia. If we diminish McAuliffe's power we diminish Hillary’s power.

At this point, that is the difference that it makes! Benghazi is a national disgrace please don’t let Hillary’s greatest ally off the hook.

I am hoping Mr. May that you will be the bigger man, that you will rally your troops to allow Whitbeck to defeat Wexton on January 21st in Virginia’s 33rd Senate district. Please take this time to invent some great things and come back swinging in the political arena as a Republican. As Lincoln so aptly said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

God bless you Mr. May I expect many more great things from you in the future, such as a retrofit for drivers to sense and avoid vehicles in their blind spots.”

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