Thursday, January 23, 2014

Virginia Democrats Push Social Issues

Well, elections have consequences. Now that Democrats control all three statewide constitutional offices we now are getting a taste of what they will do. Today’s decision by AG Mark Herring not fight for Virginia’s law on marriage makes it is clear that the Democrats plan to advance a liberal social agenda.

Funny, Remember in 2013 how Democrats said they were focused on jobs? How they said that Republicans would be focused on nothing but divisive social issues?

So far the Democrats have focused on:
1. Executive Order #1
2. A Press Conference on Gay Marriage
3. A Pro-abortion press conference
4. A Restricting gun rights press conference
5. Today's decision by Mark Herring.

So Democrats, when y'all going to start talking about jobs? My guess is that they will probably stick to advancing social issues. It plays well in Northern Virginia.

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