Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chairman Mullins Appoints Shaun Kenney RPV Executive Director

Earlier today, RPV Chairman Pat Mullins appointed Shaun Kenney, a long-time Virginia political operative and former RPV Communications Director to be the party's next Executive Director.

"I am deeply honored play my part here at RPV," stated Kenney. "Our motto is simple: stay on offense, work hard, deserve victory. Virginia deserves an honest conversation about which vision works best for small businesses, working families, and free enterprise -- Obamacare or the Virginia Way? Moving forward at RPV, our Republican candidates at every level of government are going to find themselves much better prepared for victory in a 21st century environment, and we intend to keep things that way. Republicans have a tremendous opportunity to lay the foundations for a better future, and I cannot express enough how humbled and honored I am to be a part of that effort. I'm excited to get in the saddle. There's work to do."

Kenney served as the Communications Director under then-Chairman Ed Gillespie in 2007. Kenney is also a long-standing Republican political and grassroots activist, having served as unit chairman in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, and as vice-chairman of the 1st District Congressional District.

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins gave the following statement:

"When I started the search for out next Executive Director, I realized that we needed someone from outside the traditional mold. Someone who has been in the arena, someone with real world leadership experience, and someone who understands the changing nature of campaign and communications.

"Shaun's resume checks all the boxes our party needs at this time. As a former Board of Supervisors Chairman, he has the leadership experience of running a county. As a former Communications Director, he knows the changing face of media and political communication. And he's also got a solid resume as someone who can grow a fundraising base - the three qualities we need headed into November."

"The 2014 election cycle is one of tremendous opportunity. We have the chance to add to our Republican Congressional delegation and send Mark Warner back to the private sector. But both of these tasks are going to take a tremendous amount of organization to realize. Shaun has background and the track record to get the job done, and I'm pleased that he's agreed to take on this leadership position going forward."

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