Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Democrats Lose A Seat on the Arlington BOS. First Time Since 1999!

In a drastic change of events, fiscal conservative and Republican Party endorsed candidate John Vihstadt won the special election to claim a position on the Arlington County Board. Throughout the campaign the Young Republican Federation of Virginia (YRFV), and specifically the Arlington-Falls Church Young Republican chapter (AFCYR), have been a driving force behind Vihstadt's upset victory.

Vihstadt's victory marks the first time since 1999 that anyone other than a Democratic Party nominee has won a seat on the board. As of the sending of this release, John Vihstadt has a 57% to 41% lead over Democrat Alan Howze with 50/53 precincts reporting.

Matthew Hurtt, Chairman of the AFCYRs, had this to say in response to tonight's victory:

"The hard work by the AFCYRs contributed to John Vihstadt's success. We mobilized our members to go door-to-door and make calls. I am proud of all our hard work."

John Scott, Chairman of the YRFV, added to Hurtt's remarks:

"Tonight reflects the turning of a new leaf in Virginia. Arlington County--the strongest of strongholds for Democrats--categorically rejected one-party rule by electing Republican Party endorsed John Vihstadt to serve on their Board of Supervisors. John is a great, grassroots-based candidate who ran an excellent campaign.

"He would have lost tonight, however, if it weren't for the help and support provided by the Arlington-Falls Church Young Republicans, led by their fearless leader Matthew Hurtt. Hurtt and the rest of the team in the County led multiple deployments and phone banks to reach out to their neighbors to turn out and vote for John Vihstadt. Let this serve as the first victory of many to come in Virginia to reclaim our mantle as the party of the people. Please join me in congratulating John Vihstadt and praising the AFCYRs in their hard work," John Scott stated.

John Scott has been chairman of the YRFV since 2012 and Matthew Hurtt became the chairman of the AFCYRs earlier this year.

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