Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gillespie for The Senate

On Tuesday Virginia voters will have a clear choice for the US Senate. They can send a Senator to Washington who will support the Obama agenda. Or elect a Senator, who will, for the most part, oppose the Obama agenda.

It is that stark. On the campaign trail Mark Warner argues that he’s been an independent senator willing to work with both parties, yet his voting record shows he has voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time. Sadly the image of a moderate that he has assiduously created is pure fiction.

Over the last 6 years Warner has been a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda. Supported Obama Care, Obama’s far left judges, voted against our coal industry, voted against securing America’s border, voted against the XL pipeline. On every major issue Warner has been there for Obama, and in my humble opinion, not for Virginia’s interests.

America is facing serious issues and challenges. We are on course to becoming a 2 rate world power, with a permanently weak economy. We need at least a check on Obama, not a blank check for his agenda

Send Obama a message, and send Ed Gillespie to the Senate.

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