Wednesday, October 29, 2014

6 Days Left

The following is a message from former Governor James Gilmore:

"There is only one week left to promote our conservative, pro-growth message before Americans go to the polls on November 4.

Right now, Growth PAC is airing ads on radio and TV in three critical target states encouraging the election of pro-growth candidates to the U.S. Senate.

Our ads in Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia could make the difference in electing new Senators who will cut taxes and unnecessary regulations so we can unleash America's full potential.

With just six seats needed for a pro-growth majority in the U.S. Senate we must act now. We must gain a majority on November 4 to counter President Obama and Harry Reid’s destructive agenda.

There is no time to waste. After six years of President Obama and Harry Reid’s job-destroying policies now is our time to act.

President Obama will not sit by the next two years, he is already planning his next move – with his biggest Senate ally Harry Reid – they are determined to force an increase in the minimum wage that will bankrupt businesses and put more Americans out of work, they will continue their no-holds-barred expansion of Obamacare, they will increase taxes and they will punish businesses for operating successfully overseas.

We must fight these abuses. We must act now.

Please help us broadcast these ads by donating to Growth PAC today – Election Day is just 6 days away.

We must get our pro-growth message to as many people as possible in the next 6 days.

Please stand with me right now and help Growth PAC increase our reach by taking the pro-growth message to the critical target states.

Stand with me right now. There is no time to waste. Our voice must be heard on Election Day!"

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