Thursday, October 23, 2014

Puckett Attorney: Warner broached idea of Federal judgeship

The following is a release from Garren Shipley with the RPV:

This morning's Daily Press has a significant story about Mark Warner's role in the Democratic effort to secure Phil Puckett's continued support for Obamacare in the state Senate this morning.

"Joseph Puckett's attorney, Chuck James of Williams Mullen, told the Daily Press on Wednesday that it was Warner who broached the subject of a judgeship."

What does Warner say? He leaves the door open with careful wording.

"I'm calling a family friend, brainstorming," Warner said. "There was this whole litany of things ... a question of saying what you might be interested in applying for at some point in the future."

Mark Warner is trying to tap dance around what was actually said on the call, but he just raises more questions.

* Who brought up the idea of nominating Phil Puckett's daughter to the Federal bench?
* Exactly how did you discuss the potential nomination?
* Is this how you generally make recommendations for nomination to the federal bench?

These questions need answers. And Mark Warner has shown no interest at all in providing them.

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