Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vince Haley for Senate in Virginia's 12th!

The following release is from E.W. Jackson:

“Today I am proud to announce my endorsement of Vince Haley for Virginia Senate in the 12th District. Vince is a man with strong convictions and an unswerving commitment to making Virginia a better place to live, raise a family, find a job or start a business.

As a husband and father of three beautiful children, Vince is committed to ensuring a better future for the families and children of Virginia. At a time when we are tyrannized by an out-of-control federal government, Vince understands that it will be his responsibility as a legislator to protect the citizens he represents.

Today we are faced with major attacks on our First Amendment rights. There was a time when defense of religious liberty was a bi-partisan concern. Now, not only is the First Amendment under vicious assault by Democrats, but far too many Republicans remain silent when they should be defending our freedom.

I have no doubt in my mind that Vince Haley will be a bold and consistent defender of our liberties. In 2006, Vince led an effort to reverse a decision made by the College of William & Mary to remove the cross from its historic Wren Chapel. Vince's leadership initiative – Save the Wren Cross – led to the permanent return of the cross to its rightful place.

Vince Haley has earned my endorsement because I believe that he will be an uncompromising champion not only of our First and Second Amendment rights, but he will also fight for low taxes, limited government, the traditional family, the sanctity of life and fiscal restraint and accountability. Most importantly, Vince Haley is not motivated by selfish ambition, but by service to God, love of country and the desire make Virginia a great place for his family and yours. He will be true to the legacy of our Founding Fathers -Virginians such as Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and George Washington.

With just under two weeks before the Republican primary, Vince needs your help to win the Republican nomination. Please click here to join me in making the most generous contribution you can afford. If you live in the 12th Senate District (which includes most of western Henrico and western Hanover Counties), please make sure you vote for Vince Haley on Tuesday, June 9th.

I hope you will join me in praying for Vince's victory. May God continue to bless the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America.”

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