Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mika Brzezinski Channels George Costanza

I will confess that I have seen every episode of the Seinfeld show at least once, possibly twice. Truly one of the great sitcoms of all time. Perhaps the most compelling character on the show is George Costanza. A man who does not have an honest bone in his body.

There was one episode that came to my mind today. I bet you remember the episode, George and Jerry were going to NBC to pitch their sitcom idea – a show about nothing! George was pretending to be a writer. Usually, he pretends to be an architect or a marine biologist, but to sell the show he needed to be a writer.

Well, George pitches the idea and it becomes obvious during the presentation that the TV executives are underwhelmed. They then offer some constructive criticism. George becomes indignant, stands up and says that this is the idea and he will make no changes, claiming “I will not compromise my artistic integrity.”

Later at the coffee shop an exasperated Jerry Seinfeld asks, “Artistic integrity?” “Where did you come up with that?” Jerry points out that George has neither artistic talent nor integrity.

But that’s what made George so funny. He claimed to have virtues he didn’t have. Claimed feelings he does not possess. Claimed knowledge he didn’t have. And he did it with a straight face.

Well, I was reading a transcript of “Morning Joe” today, I find reading a transcript of the show to be far better then watching it. Mika and her husband were lamenting the tough position that Democrat member of Congress John Conyers is in. It seems he may have sexually harassed female members of his staff and then used taxpayer money to settle.

I came across this line from Mika Brzezinski, which is one of the most dishonest (Costanza like) lines that I have ever read:
“I think it’s really important that the words due process have come up in this conversation,” said Brzezinski. “This one breaks my heart. It really does.”

Due process? Where did she come up with that? Every day she and her husband draw conclusions that are unsupported by facts. Due process implies that facts and evidence are considered. The Scarborough’s have no regard for such an inquiry.

Mika’s concern about due process is as genuine as George Costanza’s concern about “artist integrity.”

For example, Brzezinski claims that our President has mental issues. She has no medical qualification to make such a claim, cites no evidence, but she doesn’t care.

Well, now a Democrat, John Conyers is in trouble for sexual harassment and Mika is concerned about due process.

She is like George Costanza in the way that she dishonestly raises concerns with a straight face. As George Costanza once said, “Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

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