Friday, December 1, 2017

How Low Will Joe Go?

For most people when they learn that someone is in the early stages of dementia are saddened, perhaps shocked, and they pray and wish the best for the person. Well, that is the reaction of most decent human beings, but Joe and Mika Scarborough aren’t decent human beings.

They seemed to take delight, even giddy, in Joe’s claim that President Trump is in the early stages of dementia. How does Joe know that? Well, he has a "source", more on that in a second. Why are they so happy? For the morally void Scarboroughs one man’s dementia is an opportunity for a coup. The condition of dementia will hasten the invoking of the 25th amendment. That is their hope and prayer anyway.

Now before I address Scarborough’s "source", let me make one more point to demonstrate that the Scarborough's are despicable people.

When Joe(who as far as I know has no medical training) announced the diagnosis a couple days ago did he consider whether President Trump’s children and grandchildren have already been told that their father, and for some grandfather, has a fatal disease? Of course not.

What if Trump’s teenage son is watching and hears Scarborough announce a (fake) medical diagnosis. Would this bother Joe’s conscious? Of course not.

How would you like it if you turned on TV and saw some guy in a turtle neck and hipster glasses announce that your father is in the early stages of dementia?

Now, who is Joe’s source? Is it a press aide? Is it a cabinet secretary? Or is it a medical doctor? Or is the source an imaginary character that lives only in Joe Scarborough’s mind. My guess is the latter.

I have been involved in political campaigns for over 20 years and I have met a number of smart staffers and some that I thought were nuts, but I would never trust any one of them to make a medical diagnosis. Scarborough’s source can’t be a campaign staffer.

Is Scarborough’s source a cabinet member who is about to be fired? Perhaps he or she is not the most reliable source.

The only one who can make a diagnosis regarding stages of dementia is a doctor. Did Scarborough talk to the President’s doctor? Did he talk to a doctor who has examined the President? Did someone in the White House release the President’s medical file?

I tweeted Scarborough and asked him this question. He did not answer.

Personally I think Scarborough is making it all up. Going on national television, granted it is MSNBC so not many people are watching, and spreading a lie that the President has a fatal disease to advance a coup is the act of a truly despicable man.

I call it Joe Scarborough being Joe Scarborough.

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