Sunday, September 30, 2018

CNN and The Politics of Personal Destruction

It is true that CNN is a purveyor of fake news, but that does not tell the whole story of what motivates and animates CNN. Their goal is to advance a political narrative. It is not just to spread lies (fake news), rather it is to advance a misleading narrative. It is a narrative in the direction of socialism.

As President Trump racks up wins and advances his make America great again agenda CNN gets more hyperbolic. Take the Kavanaugh nomination.

Two months ago they simply advanced the idea that Brett Kavanaugh, on the supreme court, would try to take away “a woman’s right to choose”, or deny people healthcare, or protect President Trump from justice.

Now their attacks have entered a new phase. The politics of personal destruction. The other night they had on a classmate who said Kavanaugh was a “heavy drinker” back in school. What a crock of you know what.

For every one person that they could dig up who would say that he was a heavy drinker I bet they could find ten that would swear that they never saw him take a drink. However, CNN is not interested in the truth. They want to spread a narrative. The narrative is that Kavanaugh was a drunkard. Didn’t he say under oath that he was a moderate drinker, wow that could be perjury? A drunkard and a liar.

They have even promoted discussion of whether as a young person he was a rapist. This based on an unsubstantiated charge, and it turns out that the person who made the charge is a liar.

They even discussed a charge that he pulled his pants down and exposed himself at a college party. I thought that was a regular occurrence at college parties where alcohol is on tap.

I will tell you this if I am at a party and someone drops their pants I would leave. And I would not do an interview with the New Yorker describing it 30 years after the fact.

For CNN it is not enough to oppose him on philosophical grounds rather they have decided to destroy his character.
Shame on CNN. What a disgrace.

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