Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Election Eve

It is election eve, less than a week away, and with it comes to mind one of my favorite stories. On the eve of the 2000 Presidential election I happened to walk into a McDonald’s in McLean Virginia. Yes, I admit McDonald’s food is a habit I have, and probably never will, outgrow.

While there I noticed former Republican Congressman Phil Crane. Crane was a conservative from Illinois. He ran for President in 1980 on the belief that Ronald Reagan was not going to run.

Well, not being shy I walked up to him and introduced myself. I should say I re-introduced myself to him. I met him at a college Republican event. He didn’t seem to remember me, but he remembered the event.

And in the conversation, I asked him who he thought would win the election, Bush or Gore. I’ll never forget his answer, he said “Son, I don’t know who is going to win, but I do know this, this is the most important election in our lifetime.” Actually, he probably didn’t say “son” since I was well into my twenties but the rest of the quote is verbatim.

I do remember thinking he was right, this is the most important election. But it seems that every election since is the “most important.”

It is the most important because the parties are so competitive, the stakes so high, and the consequences are so great.

If we Republicans keep the senate we can keep nominating and confirming conservative judges. If not, we won’t get another conservative on the bench. If we keep the senate Trump can get rid of Sessions, Rosenstein, and maybe Mueller.

If Democrats take the House they will investigate the hell out of the Trump administration. Subpoena every member of the administration down to the clerks in the mailroom.

If Democrats win they will move to impeach the President. They will push to repeal the tax cuts that have given a great boost to our economy and a terrific bull market. (My IRA is up big!)

If Democrats get elected they will push to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, they will push to abolish ICE. If Democrats get elected they will push for insane programs such as Medicare for all, and “free” college. Just think you didn’t like paying for your college tuition how do you feel about paying for someone else’s.

So, every election eve I think about my chance meeting with Phil Crane. And his words still ring true today, “this is the most important election of our lifetime.

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