Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fimian for Congress!

Today I proudly announce my support for Keith Fimian for Congress. Keith combines real world experience with a commitment to conservative principles, which frankly makes this an easy endorsement.

As a businessman Fimian understands what it takes to create jobs and balance a budget, skills, which while currently out of fashion in Washington, are needed now more than ever. When Keith talks about job creation he knows what he is talking about, and in a general election voters are looking for real world experience.
In addition, I firmly believe that Keith will never vote to increase taxes, and will vigorously fight the expansion of the Federal government. Keith will fight every new regulation, and scrutinize every new dollar that Pelosi and Obama propose to spend, and he will demand that the Federal government respect/follow the Constitution. I have no doubt that Keith understands that we need to return more power to state and local governments. And Keith is a social conservative who will defend our families, and fight for the traditional values that made America great.

Sadly, far too many of our politicians say one thing on the campaign trail and vote a different way once in office, but Keith is not that type of person. Keith is a committed conservative, which will make him a strong challenger to Democrat Gerry Connolly, and a great member of Congress.

The Virginia Gentleman proudly endorses Keith Fimian for Congress.


Heather said...

I second the motion!

Nana said...

No doubt Fimian would be great in Congress. Just one problem, however: is he strong enough to defeat GC? That is the only salient question.