Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Statement From Michael “Spike” Williams on the Covanta Proposal Vote

"Today, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted down a proposal to purchase the Covanta plant.  I would like to commend Supervisors Cook, Frey, and Herrity for their tireless efforts to shed light on the many reasons why purchasing the plant was a bad move.  They asked the tough questions that Sharon Bulova failed to ask.       
In the fall of last year, the Democrats on the Board of Supervisors, led by Chairman Sharon Bulova, began drumming up support for wasting $200 million to purchase the incinerator.  Shortly after trying to convince the public that a purchase of the facility was the only wise option, Sharon Bulova revealed that she had under estimated the value of the plant, and that it would actually cost the county $400 million.  This is a clear case of failed leadership by Chairman Bulova and yet another reason why I am running for Chairman.   
As Chairman of the Budget Committee, Sharon Bulova presided over a $650 million shortfall which was directly caused by her decision to unnecessarily raise property taxes during a real estate boom and squander the increase in revenues instead of saving it.  Fairfax County residents deserve better than Chairman Bulova, they deserve a Chairman with foresight that extends years, and not months, into the future.  If Bulova had that foresight, she would see how her policies are negatively impacting all residents that want to stay in Fairfax County for more than a few months. 
Over the course of the campaign, I will be laying out specific proposals to tackle some of the biggest issues that we are facing right now; Route 1, an ever expanding county budget, Tyson’s Plan, BRAC, traffic congestion, maintaining educational excellence within our means, and more.  If this recent vote not to buy the incinerator is any indicator, I suspect Chairman Bulova will try to change her spots and convince county residents that she isn’t in favor of tax increases, but we know better.  The Board of Supervisors needs a new Chairman with courage and a vision for a prosperous and sustainable future for Fairfax County."

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